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AP Capital USA Wholesale Real Estate and Private Money Financing was started with a vision of delivering responsive, high quality real estate services for those interested in transaction real estate.

Our team provides vast experience and knowledge in the facilitation of buying, selling, or leasing real property. Our services span throughout USA, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida. As well internationally in Pto Vallarta, Mexico, in both residential and commercial real estate markets. Our Philosophy is to maintain a close, hands-on interaction with our potential clients. We are personable, dependable, and outgoing as a leader and role model for our team. This ensures that our team member stay with us for years to come and our clients are happy with our service.

AP Capital USA is a National Private Money Financing firm based in Phoenix, AZ that provides creative, financial solutions mainly in short-term financing, to real estate transactions, to primary residents real estate investors, builders, and developers across the country. As a direct lender, and checkstub creator, AP Capital has the ability to analyze and fund loan requests very quickly in order to meet time-sensitive transactions. Finances residential, commercial, industrial, and multi-family properties as well as entitled land, with a primary emphasis on 1-4 unit residential properties. We do lend in all 50 states with a particular focus on Arizona, and in some international Countries mainly Mexico and Canada, in addition to targeting experienced local investors and operators in their perspective markets. For those managing their finances independently, such as freelancer finances crafting paystubs or engaging in other financial activities, we provide specialized assistance and guidance.

AP Capital USA targets lending opportunities that do not necessarily fit within the parameters of conventional bank financing either due to time constraints, complexity, or value-added nature of the transaction. We primarily make first-position mortgage loans with a maximum loan-to-value of 80%. Our typical loan size ranges from $50k to 50M+

With over 20 years of real estate investment and development experience, AP Capital USA understands the importance of having a reliable and creative source of capital, and we strive to be the preferred private lender of choice for seasoned local real estate investors.